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LEAF Bering-uClibc 5.0 beta1 released

  • Posted by: kapeka on 16 March 2013
After more than one year of developement the LEAF Bering-uClibc team announces the first beta version of LEAF Bering-uClibc 5.0.

Bering-uClibc 5.0 is basically Bering-uClibc 4.x brought up to date with the latest versions of the main software components. But the most important changes are:

  • The Linux kernel is upgraded from 2.6.x to a recent long-term release (3.4.34)
  • The uClibc library is upgraded from 0.9.30 to 0.9.32.
  • The toolchain (formerly known as buildenv) has been reworked to support more processors. Currently only images for X86_64 images are provided, but as a proof-of-concept an arm-versatile based version can be build as well.
  • Usage of the toolchain has been alleviated in various aspects.

We've enabled more busybox applets (applets ifenslave, vconfig, bunzip2, unlzma, lzma, modinfo,setserial, beep, chat, mpstat, pstree, watch, nohup) and enabled verbose help messages for busybox applets.

zram support has been added (See the Bering-uClibc 5.x User Guide "Configuring leaf.cfg" for more details).

Work on Bering-uClibc 5.x started in October 2011, with Andrew as the lead developer and contributions from kapeka, Erich Titl, davidMbrooke and Yves Blusseau among others.

For bug reports, requests, etc. please use TRAC:

See also Bering-uClibc_5.x_-_Changelog for a complete Changelog.

Find new images optimized for different architectures in the FRS:

  • Bering-uClibc_5.0-beta1_geode_syslinux_ser.tar.gz - optimized for Geode CPU and seriell interface (e.g. ALIX Boards)
  • Bering-uClibc_5.0-beta1_i686_isolinux_vga.iso - CD image optimized for i686 CPU with VGA interface
  • Bering-uClibc_5.0-beta1_i486_isolinux_vga.iso - CD image optimized for i486 CPU with VGA interface
  • Bering-uClibc_5.0-beta1_i686_syslinux_vga.tar.gz - optimized for i686 CPU with VGA interface to load from hd/cf
  • Bering-uClibc_5.0-beta1_i486_syslinux_vga.tar.gz - optimized for i486 CPU with VGA interface to load from hd/cf
  • Bering-uClibc_5.0-beta1_x86_64_isolinux_vga.iso - CD image optimized for 64bit systems with VGA interface
  • Bering-uClibc_5.0-beta1_x86_64_syslinux_vga.iso - optimized for 64bit systems with VGA interface to load from hd/cf
  • Bering-uClibc_5.0-beta1_src.tar - the complete sources tarball (as required by SF)