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Building everything from scratch

Buildtool is our attempt to create an integrated build-environment to build the entire binary distribution from source. It consists of a set of perl-scripts and classes that handle downloading, unpacking, patching, configuring, compiling and finally creating the packages. Buildtool is based on buildroot available on the uClibc Homepage, although only the code that created the uClibc/gcc toolchain still remains more or less untouched. Buildtool is available under the GPL.

The reason for creating buildtool was that there was no central repository for all sources required to build the Bering uClibc distribution. Packages are made “by hand”, in a tedious, error-prone process. Being able to build from the sources using an automated process gives all developers a common base they can rely on, and it gives users the ability to make minor changes in the distributed binaries.


Every available package for Bering-uClibc has already been ported to buildtool. There is still room for improvements of buildtool itself. Currently it builds a working environment with all tools needed to compile Bering-uClibc and ported packages, plus several support packages.

Planned improvements for buildtool are

  • tba


Do a cvs checkout from leaf cvs to a directory of your choice. Note that you should checkout and build as normal user rather than as root, as this is much safer for the content of your harddisk if something really bad happens. After the cvs checkout is complete, change into the working directory and enter ./ build buildenv.

How it works

Buildtool is used to build the entire binary distribution from the start. It is a set of perl scripts/classes plus a makefile and a configuration file for each source that needs to be compiled. Don’t expect detailed instructions how to use it here. For detailed instructions have a look at the Bering-uClibc 5.x - Developer Guide.

If you find something inaccurate or plain wrong, don’t hesitate to contact the authors via the leaf-devel mailinglist.

Using Buildtool with older versions

buildtool itself cannot cope with building anything else than the current development version. But with a checkout of older versions and a few changes to buildtool configuration files, it is possible to work on more than version at the time. This is documented in the LEAF Bering-uClibc Developer’s Guide


Erik Andersen and Tim Riker for providing the original buildroot, especially Erik Andersen’s uClibc-toolchain which is the base of the compile process.