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LEAF Bering-uClibc 6.0.0-beta1 is available for testing

  • Posted by: kapeka on 04 September 2016

With Bering-uClibc-6.0.0-beta1 the next major version of LEAF Bering-uClibc has reached a reasonable stable stadium.

It is based on uClibc-ng 1.0.17 and the linux kernel version 4.4 (as today 4.4.19). It also re-introduces the Raspberry Pi 2 tarball, booting with device trees.

Since LEAF-Bering-uClibc numerous packages has been updated to latest upstgream versions, e.g shorewall, lighttpd, nano, monit, perl, tor…. A complete list is maintained in the Changelog

Notable is also a change in the syslog configuration, where /var/log/messages has been removed, the information therein is logged to other files as well and it saves RAM not keep the information more than once.

Find new images optimized for different architectures in the FRS:

  • Bering-uClibc_6.0.0-beta1_geode_syslinux_serial115200.tar.gz - optimized for Geode CPU and seriell interface (e.g. ALIX Boards)
  • Bering-uClibc_6.0.0-beta1_i686_syslinux_serial115200.tar.gz - optimized for i696 CPU and seriell interface (e.g. APU Boards)
  • Bering-uClibc_6.0.0-beta1_i486_syslinux_serial19200.tar.gz - optimized for i486 CPU and seriell interface
  • Bering-uClibc_6.0.0-beta1_wrap_syslinux_serial115200.tar.gz - optimized for WRAP systems and seriell interface (e.g PCEngines WRAP
  • Bering-uClibc_6.0.0-beta1_i686_isolinux_vga.iso - CD image optimized for i686 CPU with VGA interface
  • Bering-uClibc_6.0.0-beta1_i486_isolinux_vga.iso - CD image optimized for i486 CPU with VGA interface
  • Bering-uClibc_6.0.0-beta1_i686_syslinux_vga.tar.gz - optimized for i686 CPU with VGA interface to load from hd/cf
  • Bering-uClibc_6.0.0-beta1_i486_syslinux_vga.tar.gz - optimized for i486 CPU with VGA interface to load from hd/cf
  • Bering-uClibc_6.0.0-beta1_x86_64_isolinux_vga.iso - CD image optimized for 64bit systems with VGA interface
  • Bering-uClibc_6.0.0-beta1_x86_64_syslinux_vga.iso - optimized for 64bit systems with VGA interface to load from hd/cf
  • Bering-uClibc_6.0.0-beta1_x86_64_syslinux_serial115200.tar.gz - optimized for 64bit systems and seriell interface (e.g. APU2 Boards)
  • Bering-uClibc_6.0.0-beta1_raspberry-pi.tar.gz - tarball for Raspberry Pi 2
  • Bering-uClibc_6.0.0-beta1_src.tgz - the complete sources tarball (as required by SF)