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LEAF Bering-uClibc 6.1.0-alpha is available for testing

  • Posted by: kapeka on 05 March 2017

Bering-uClibc-6.1.0-alpha1 provides major updates for our build base, a major kernel upgrade and various other improvements.

  • uClibc-ng has been upgraded to 1.0.22

  • root.lrp and config.lrp has been merged into initrd.lrp

  • the huge libinconv package (approx 600kb) has been replaced by the uClibc-ng implementation (adding a few kb to initrd.lrp)

  • gcc has been updated to 5.4.0

  • binutils has been updated to 2.27

The kernel has been updated to new LTS version 4.9

Two new packages has been added: ca-certificates, providing a list of Certification Authorities. It is based on the Debian package, which itself provides the ones from Mozilla (version 20161130)

dehydrated: An ACME client implementation for Let’s Encrypt (

Of the other updated packages, the important will be shorewall, updated to 5.1.1, where /etc/shorewall/masq has been replaced with /etc/shorewall/snat and a slightly newer syntax: old (masq): eth0 new (snat): MASQUERADE eth0

Therefor you’ll need to run “shorewall update” before reboot; have a look into the eventual error messages and resolve issues, save the configuration before reboot. After reboot remove /etc/shorewall/masq.bak and save the config again to get rid of that file.

Pls note: Currently only x86 platforms are supported.

For more information see:

For questions, bug reports and feedback pls use the LEAF user mailing list.

See Bering-uClibc 6.1.x Changelog for more details.

Find new images optimized for different architectures in the FRS:

  • Bering-uClibc_6.1.0-alpha1_geode_syslinux_serial115200.tar.gz - optimized for Geode CPU and seriell interface (e.g. ALIX Boards)
  • Bering-uClibc_6.1.0-alpha1_i686_syslinux_serial115200.tar.gz - optimized for i696 CPU and seriell interface (e.g. APU Boards)
  • Bering-uClibc_6.1.0-alpha1_i486_syslinux_serial19200.tar.gz - optimized for i486 CPU and seriell interface
  • Bering-uClibc_6.1.0-alpha1_wrap_syslinux_serial115200.tar.gz - optimized for WRAP systems and seriell interface (e.g PCEngines WRAP
  • Bering-uClibc_6.1.0-alpha1_i686_isolinux_vga.iso - CD image optimized for i686 CPU with VGA interface
  • Bering-uClibc_6.1.0-alpha1_i486_isolinux_vga.iso - CD image optimized for i486 CPU with VGA interface
  • Bering-uClibc_6.1.0-alpha1_i686_syslinux_vga.tar.gz - optimized for i686 CPU with VGA interface to load from hd/cf
  • Bering-uClibc_6.1.0-alpha1_i486_syslinux_vga.tar.gz - optimized for i486 CPU with VGA interface to load from hd/cf
  • Bering-uClibc_6.1.0-alpha1_x86_64_isolinux_vga.iso - CD image optimized for 64bit systems with VGA interface
  • Bering-uClibc_6.1.0-alpha1_x86_64_syslinux_vga.iso - optimized for 64bit systems with VGA interface to load from hd/cf
  • Bering-uClibc_6.1.0-alpha1_x86_64_syslinux_serial115200.tar.gz - optimized for 64bit systems and seriell interface (e.g. APU2 Boards)
  • Bering-uClibc_6.1.0-alpha1_raspberry-pi.tar.gz - tarball for Raspberry Pi 1
  • Bering-uClibc_6.1.0-alpha1_src.tgz - the complete sources tarball (as required by SF)